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…. I just love big pictures… (since I have a big super duper screen)__ the problem Im facing is, I `m not taking, most of the time, wide screen formats. that is why I created this cut out (Ausschnitt) series.

telling a story

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2008/2009 …. on my journey through berlin backyards, bedrooms, kitchens, backstage areas, in rehearsal rooms and on kitchen tables …. I met people and discovered the space they have created around themselves, often without even realizing it. I’ve rearranged nothing, nothing is added or taken away. These is the artwork that we every day, are creating countless times.

hey, my name is…

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this is a excerpt of my 2008-2009 project called „hey, my name is….“. I started by portraying one person, which then has recommended to me then another…. an so on. The pictures where always taken at the persons home, in there kitchen or at … Continue reading